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Webinar #6: Lean Culture - The Secret Sauce that Sustains Lean


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This webinar will teach you:

  • Culture - what it is, and how to change it.

  • The Four Capabilities - how to turn velocity into a competitive advantage - by learning faster.

  • Lean Mental Models – how lean thinking change the way we see

  • The nature of “big company disease” - and its Remedy

  • Lean Problem Solving - the key to the kingdom

  • How to create a sustainable Lean Culture

  • Common obstacles - and how to eliminate them


Culture is day-to-day behavior. To change it, we have to change the way we think.


How do we create a sustainable Lean culture? This webinar will get to the heart of Lean transformation, go beyond tools to the essence of Lean thinking.


Join us for Session 6 – Lean Culture: The Secret Sauce that Sustains Lean, as we explore culture as the driving force in your Lean journey.


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